How Does Aloe Vera Helps Hair Growth?


Many of the issues related to hair loss, damage etc. is caused due to the poor nutrition or the pollution. There are a number of products available in the markets that are specially made to fight against these issues but most of them are too expensive or kind of ineffectual. Therefore, the best remedies for overcoming such issues are the natural remedy that will promote strength and growth of your hairs without any side effects.

Aloe Vera is such a plant in which multiple essential nutrients and vitamins are found due to which it is used as an indispensable ingredient in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The minerals and vitamins that are found in this plan are quite helpful for restoring the strength and beauty of your hairs. Aloe Vera works amazingly in promoting hair’s shine, preventing hairs from dandruff and loss, it also aids in hydrating the scalp. The use of Aloe Vera for hair growth can be tracked back to the ancient times. Growing hair by its usage is a proven success by millions of people.

1. It contains an enzyme that is beneficial for hair growth because it stimulates the hair follicle. The enzymes in Aloe Vera eradicate dead skin that choke the hair follicle and stops it from proper penetration of nutrients in one’s hair.

2. One of the major benefits of using aloe Vera is decreasing seborrhea. Seborrhea is a state in which partial baldness is caused due to buildup of sebum combined with grime and dirt. The qualities of keratolic in Aloe Vera break down the dead skin cells and sebum and encourage hair growth.

3. The alkalizing properties of Aloe Vera balance the pH value of both hair and scalp which recollects moisture in the scalp for promoting hair growth.

4. Dandruff is another major reason that causes hair loss. Aloe Vera is full of the compounds of glycoproteins which aids in removing dandruff. The anti-fungal and anti-pruritic characteristics of Aloe Vera lessen dryness and itchiness and other scalp situations like eczema and psoriasis. Aloe Vera gel ends excessive skin cells that are dead and conditions one’s scalp to give silky smooth hair. It also helps in minimizing scaling, redness, and inflammation.

5. Aloe Vera is an outstanding conditioner for hair and has best moisturizing properties for moisturizing deeply the hair elements. One can easily replace his/her conditioner by using Aloe Vera for dry and damaged hair. This will help in detangling the hair also.


How to Use Aloe Vera for Hair:
Numerous products that are available in market for hair treatment have high content of Aloe Vera in it. But if you want to derive the maximum benefits of it cheaply, it can be done by extracting the juice or by making gel from the leaves is one of the most effective treatments as compared to all the counter remedies.

All you need to do is that cut a mature leaf of Aloe Vera and crush it to obtain the gel out of it. Then apply the juice on the scalp right after shampooing your hair, after that leave it for some minutes (10-15) and rinse it off. If you will mix lemon juice to the gel its effect will be enhanced.

Alternative method for application of Aloe Vera gel is by making a natural shampoo yourself for your hair. You need to mix Aloe Vera juice with wheat germ oil and coconut milk. Both Aloe Vera and wheat germ oil are known for its moisturizing properties, whereas the coconut oil will boost the hair growth. After mixing both of the ingredients apply it to your hair. Then leave it overnight and then rinse it off with water later.

In half a Cup of Aloe Vera add 2 teaspoon of thick hibiscus flower gel/paste to it. Then blend the ingredients well and apply it on your hair. A remarkable improvement will definitely in your hair growth. A teaspoon of olive oil if added to the mixture will improve the results.

So, the crux is that all you need is to grow Aloe Vera plant in your home to eradicate your hair and beauty problems naturally.